Submitted Elements for Fluxhibition #4

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LIST OF WORKS by Jorge Artajo for Fluxhibition #4:



3.ARTIST’S BOOK: Fill it with body fluids


(The following text is included on the surface of the wrapped parcel along with several addresses of friends) :

Please Mr Postman,

This parcel contains a precious object Yoko Ono sent me sometime ago that I would like to share with some of the people I love, but I'm unable to decide with whom. Could you please help me by picking one of these addresses at random and deliver to it?

Thank you.

Jorge Artajo 2010, winter


This is a Piece inspired by Yoko Ono’s "White Chess-Set"

The basis is the same, but where Yoko says "Play It by Trust", I add "Yes, Play It by Trust and Joy". We should have always in mind that respect is the best way to end with our fears and enjoy the others. Although the differences, we are not as different as we are told. We all are in the same game, despite our anger or hate. We all have the choice of transforming life in a game of love and togetherness, or in a game of death and rejection.

When I was a child, about 10, I used to hate playing chess, because one of my brothers, who was 5 years older than me, used it to humiliate me. He always won, of course, and he had that feeling of being stronger and cleverer than me, and he would show off treating me like an inferior and insulting me. That, raised a lot of resentment in me towards him, but when I was alone, I used to find something fascinating in that black and white cardboard and all those different pieces, so I enjoyed very much playing chess alone, with my own rules. The cardboard could become a hug golden room, a palace, a desert, a country, a planet, or a universe and there were lots of love and war stories over there, but there were always happy endings with balls and parties where the pieces got to know to each other, dancing and talking.

So with all this in mind, I made this Coloured Chess-Set, as a way of add a layer to Yoko's piece. Maybe if I have had this kind of chess set when I was 10, my older brother and I wouldn’t have stopped talking to each other when grown ups.


Description and Instructions:

There are 248 different fluids in each and all of the 248 bubbles in this Triptych. 247 of them are filled with gasses that when released, it will bring joy, prosperity, health richness, wealth, love, pleasure, luxury, comfort, no guilty lust and hundred of other extremely good sensations and feelings to the whole wide world, but there is one, just one bubble that contains an extremely toxic fume that will destroy all living things on Planet Earth, bringing all kind of illness, torments, horrors and everything bad and wicked that you cannot even imagine.

The only object able to burst all these bubbles is the silver needle tied to a golden thread that is provided with the game.

Do you wanna play?


This whole Game of Transfigurations has been inspired by Christians and their ability to remind the existence of a one person that they love called Jesus by his representation in bread and wine. They use it to have a sense of family or solidarity and to reach out to bring to the banquet any who want to joint the love that they have found in that.

I think that all of us can feed ourselves and others spiritual hunger in a pagan manner. These games works pretend to be a kind of sharing fun moments as a contribution to end cultural starvation and malnutrition, and all the prejudices that cause it: poverty, greed, ineptitude, hate, violence, among many others.


Once I was a bomb”

This Piece has been inspired by Yoko Ono’s short story “Crystal Ball” that was published in the inside liner notes of the album “Every man Has A Woman“(9 October 1984). She has published it again in internet,so you can read it here:


as Family Dressing. (For Rose Alone)


as Wish Tree for Haiti.



I want to pass this Sky Brush Shaver from Amador Sola (1920 somewhere in the South of Spain – 2005 Olesa de Montserrat, Spain) to Geoff Hendricks (1931 Littletown, New Hampshire USA- Present)

Amador Sola used this shaver brush every day during the three years he was interned in a Franco’s labour camp after Spanish civil war (1936-1939). He wanted to be nice and clean because he always had in mind that “that“ day could be the one of his liberation. That shaver brush was a means for freedom. Years ago Geoff Hendricks he also did an act of liberation by shaving all the hair on his body. This Sky Shaver Brush its a symbol of their connection to me.


as Nutopia's Map.

Additional Texts for the show

Fluxus and God

When God was distributing portions of the world to all the people of the Earth, the Fluxtopians were having a party and doing some serious playing, joking, dancing, talking, eating, chanting, sexing, healing, dreaming, daydreaming, nightdreaming,  and drinking. As a result, they arrived late and were told by God that all the land had been already distributed. When they replied that they were late only because they had been lifting their forks, minds, asses, and glasses in praise of Him, God was pleased, and gave the Fluxtopians that part of Earth He had been reserving for Himself, but didn’t tell them where it was placed, so Fluxtopians are still looking for it by seriously joking, playing, dancing, loving, sexing, talking, healing, jumping, banging, phoning, eating, arsing, dreaming, daydreaming, nightdreaming, singing, drinking… Thanks God!




ass ofF to all those who blew up the moma with farts!

(Abridged version)

Hello Fart

It released Rodin’s bronze Balzac from his deep thinking heavy burden.


Nice to meet you Pum

Stamped its ID on Kazimir Malevich’s White on White:

-Nitrogen: 20-90%

-Hydrogen: 0-50%

-Carbon dioxide: 10-30%

-Oxygen: 0-10%

-Methane: 0-10%


Low Cost Furz

Judge’s anus shouted SCHAUPROZESS! And World’s blood got frozen in front of Jasper Jones’ Flag.


Overprotective Prout

At its sound Henri Mattise’s The Plum Blossoms and Vincent Van Gogh’s The Starry Night came together bewildered and asked themselves: “If we were Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods would have we shown some kind of regret, remorse and shame in a nationwide postmodernist Inquisition trial about our sexual life?”


Simple ضَرَط

This one was produced around Edward Hopper’s Gas Station and brought the answer to the Final Blackout day: Oil! Oil painting! The beauty that oil paintings can create will be the Resistance to the cavern.



“Who among us haven’t suffered an earthquake in their lives?” asked a prisoner who was making 43% reduced copies of René Magritte’s The Empire of Light II to be sold at a charity auction for the victims of natural disasters.  “There is a close relationship between natural cataclysms and life behind bars” he said while blowing a little .   


Hammering Osuruk

When observed some paintings use to interchange loud messages in flatulent percussion:

-“This machine kill fascists” states Frida Kahlo’s Self Portrait with Cropped Hair: 

-“We are shields against oppression” replies Francis Bacon’s Painting.

- “Our goal is to make intolerants think” conclude Max Ernst’s “Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale


Locket Vânt

From Henri Rousseau’s Sleeping Gypsy started a whispering flow that turned into an avalanche of voices spiking out for the prosecuted, silenced, tortured, killed… Shiva Nazar Ahari, Mahin Fahimi, Omid Montazeri, Sohrab Arabi, Zohreh Tonekaboni, Anna Politkóvskaya, Natalia Estemirova, Novruzali Mamedov, Abdulmalik Akhmedilov,  Mohammad Amin Valian, Héctor Germán Oesterheld, Elsa Sánchez de Oesterheld, Estela Oesterheld Sánchez, Beatriz Oesterheld Sánchez , Diana Oesterheld Sánchez, Marina Oesterheld Sánchez, Mohamud Mohamed Yusuf, Víctor Jara, Crispin Perez, Mukhtar Mohamed Hirabe, Joe Hill, Jojo Trajano, Alaa Abdel-Wahab, Ferdinando Nicola Sacco, Nur Muse Hussein, Eliseo Barrón Hernández, Abdirisak Mohamed Warsame, Bartolomeo Banzetti, José Everardo Aguilar, Omidreza Mirsayafi, Suhaib Adnan, Haidar Hashim Suhail, Ernie Rollin, Musa Khankhel, Puniyamoorthy Sathiyamoorthy, Anak Agung Prabangsa, Ando Ratovonirina, Said Tahlil Ahmed, Anastasiya Baburova, Orel Sambrano, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Francis Nyaruri, Uma Singh, Leila Tavassoli, Mohammed Tavassoli, Lasantha Wickramatunga, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, Basil Ibrahim Faraj, Tahir Awan, Sara Tavassoli, Mohammad Farid Tahedi, Mohammad Imran, Hassan Mayow Hassan, Ismael Pasigna, Gennady Pavlyuk (Ibragim Rustambek), José Alberto Velázquez López, Hárold Humberto Rivas Quevedo, José Givonaldo Vieira, José Emilio Galindo Robles, Norberto Miranda Madrid, Diego de Jesús Rojas Velásquez, Bruno Koko Chirambiza, Siddique Bacha Khan, Juan Daniel Martínez Gil, Godofredo Linao, Gabriel Fino Noriega, Vyacheslav Yaroshenko, Marco Antonio Estrada, Carlos Ortega Samper, Wasi Ahmad Qureshi, Rolando Santiz, Rafael Munguía Ortiz, Raja Assad Hameed, Jawed Ahmad, Jean Paul Ibarra Ramírez, Bruno Jacquet Ossébi, Badrodin Abbas, Shafig Amrakhov, Neda Agha Soltani, Jafar Panahi. Mahbouben Karami, Mohammad Rassoulof, Mehdi Pourmoussa,  Morteza Kazemian, Mehdi Gholizadeh, Keyvan Mehregan, Reza Nourbaksh y Noushine Jafari,  Makhmalbaf family, Orlando Zapata, Haminatou Haidar, Marcelino Camacho, Marcos Ana, Raquel Corrie, Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl, Kurt Huber, Alexanderr Schmorell, Willy Graf, Janine di Giovanni, Lydia Cacho, John Lee Anderson,… 


The air was filled with questions not answered yet. People got keeping names and answers in lockets to preserve them, care and protect.


Live Peto

It came pouring smoothly from all the black holes at Bridget Riley’s Fission smelling like music, sounding like roses, tasting like bread; shaking the uncertain, the unsteady and the hesitant around the irrepressible change. How come there’s no band in these days called “Joe Hill and the Wobblies”?  The World should be covered of young at heart groups carrying their light and spirit in every nation, especially in the USA.    


Psychotronic Scoregia

This ultra sulphuric one pointlessly tried to get into Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans, to show its admiration for those who got the sign of the times: Good publicists and daring creative ones who knew how to reach the masses and earn lots of money too!


Dirty Pirt

And the cleaning ladies went:

Doo do doo do doo do do doo do do doo..

Jackie blew: Here’s to you who despise us.

Doo do doo do doo do do doo do do doo..

Candy threw: Here’s to you who humiliate us

Doo do doo do doo do do doo do do doo..

Holly stomped: Here’s to you who treat us like pariahs.

Doo do doo do doo do do doo do do doo..

And Sandy popped out: Here’s back to you all the shit we’ve taken from you!   

Doo do doo do doo do do doo do do doo..

And six enormous soundless pirts, prděts, 방귀 , bufas and peidos went:

Doo do doo do doo do do doo do do doo..

Even though its invisibility, they caused great commotion around Barnett Newman’s Broken Obelisk


Banana Bąk

Giacomo Balla’s Swifts: Path of Movement + Dynamic Sequences started a Bąk sequence of optical vibrations, chromatic mixes, and light reflections that displayed a far from abstract message over the room’s floor: “Some humans created gods on their own images, after their likeness and used terror to make the rest of us worship them.”


Toothed πορδή

In yellow hat, violet coat, red gloves, orange pants, green socks and blue shoes the Sphinx confronted Giorgio di Chirico’s Love Song and throw a πορδή that wrapped a riddle: “In one billion years some of us will develop antennas, wings, or radars, in order to survive; some others will turn in fossils, birds, cockroaches, skunks, snakes, or crocodiles. Guess who among them will get a higher degree of happiness?


Flying おなら

It attracted the attention of two generations of scented flies living in the stone garden since Yoko Ono released them in 1971 and 1996

The first generation that has already lost Yoko’s scent suddenly produced an acrobatic ballet quickly heading into the bathe of balsamic sulphuric odour that turned them scented again.

The younger generation of scented flies didn’t care a shit for.

Philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists and all kind of humanists should study the behaviour of these two groups of flies, because in their interactions they will find all social keys for future human behaviour.


Goodbye Pedo

When leaving, the unknown visitor released the farther fart of all farts ever that merrily stuck around the revolving doors and stayed there running round and round like a bunch of pranksters. That’s why some people think that something smells rotten in the World of Art when exit Art Centres and Museums.


Sales Razz

All these farts are available on bottled waffled toilet scented paper at a prize of 1$ US dollar each. Send your free shipping requests to:

Rrose Sélavy

Rue Belle Haleine, 4

28303-Eau de Voilette (Paris)



With your order include as many dollars as works are at the MoMA collection. Go and count them and be sure of not forgetting to count in also, all those art pieces hidden in vaults, basements, containers, or bins.


Jorge Artajo

2010, spring. Madrid