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Looking back, 2010 was a big year.

This is a combination of the Book About Death blog and Fluxhibition #4 blog. The Book About Death Blog entries start with [2010.ABAD] followed by the entry number. The Fluxhibition #4 blog just starts with the number in brackets But they are all mixed together based on the chronological order of entry.

Eventully we might try to bring in the Fluxface in Space blog created  by Gary Bibb.

These blogs were migrated from the original blogs where they were originally created in 2010 but we are in the middle of a major shift over to wordpress. Hence a lot of the material didn’t transfer well and we’ll be eventually fixing all of the posts.

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[128] Yoko Ono – USA

  [128] Yoko Ono – USA Piece of Sky – jigsaw puzzle – 3×4 inches sent from Studio One

[2010.abad.071] Stephanie Lerma (USA)

[2010.abad.071] Stephanie Lerma (USA) “Silent Witness” handmade paper, sewn The dress is part of an ongoing installation project about domestic violence.  Each article of clothing

[2010.abad.070] Sandra de Souza (Brazil)

[2010.abad.070] Sandra de Souza overlapping images using collage on paper and digital print – 15×15 cm original note from artist: por gentileza, envio em anexo

[2010-abad-068] Michael Joachim Westfried Soriano (USA)

 [2010-abad-068] Michael Joachim Westfried Soriano Mask: Mixed Media – 16x16x16 inchesMaterials: tinfoil, polymer clay, acrylic paint and plastic feathers. Artist Note: I have enjoyed the

[2010.abad.067] Rita Eger (Brazil)

[2010.abad.067] Rita EgerEger is a Brazilian artist who works with photomontage. Inspired by childhood themes, these works were created specially for this project.

[2010.abad.064] Helene Berson NYC

[2010.abad.064] Helene Berson  NYCTitle: Tuning in to Day of Dead 20109×12 inch on canvas board: original photo montage with feathers; traditional Mexican paper flags; acrylic

[2010.abad.060] Karlyn Atkinson Berg

[2010.abad.060] Karlyn Atkinson Berg Ghosts of Ma’iingan I am a mixed media artist working with collage since 1967. I graduated from Rhode Island School of

[2010.abad.058] Nikki Johnson (USA)

[2010.abad.058] Nikki Johnson (USA) Pages from Photographic Sketchbook Sample sheet from a contributed red book of photocopy reproductions 30 double page spreads containing notes, collages,

[2010.abad.048] Janice McDonald (USA)

[2010.abad.048] Janice McDonald (USA) Retablo – Collage Janice holds a BFA from Oregon State University with a concentration in graphic design. She has had

[2010.abad.045] Virginia Milici (Italy)

[2010.abad.045] Virginia Milici (Italy) 2010 – 8×7.5 inches A collage book with  over sized cover and antique book pages with collage elements and poems gift

[2010.abad.044] Jeff Berner (USA+France)

[2010.abad.044] Jeff Berner (USA+France) Title: In the Jaws of Death Photograph 2010, 11×8 inches donated by the artist received by post September 18th, 2010

[2010.abad.043] Jeff Berner (USA+France)

[2010.abad.043] Jeff Berner (USA+France) Skull with blah, blah, blah cap Photograph  8×8 inches- 2010 donated by the artist – received by post September 18th, 2010

[2010-abad-036] Mara Thompson (USA)

[2010-abad-036] Mara Thompson (USA) Postcard sent by artist – designed for the Ray Johnson and A Book About Death Show.

[2010.abad.032] Ria.Vanden.Eynde (Belgium)

[2010.abad.032] Ria.Vanden.Eynde (Belgium) Photograph of a Monoprint, 10 by 10 inches. After the thyroidectomy, when I was put on Levothyroxine to replace my thyroid hormone,

[2010.abad.030] Cecil Touchon (USA)

[2010.abad.030] ABAD Postcard – Cecil Touchon (USA) Collage on antique postcard Original note on the back: 12. Raining. thur Moring. We. saw. you folks Sunday.

[2010.abad.029] Dan McCormack (USA)

[2010.abad.029] “Jena_H_5-29-08–06CD” – Dan McCormack  (USA) Photo from a pin hole camera digitally manipulated made into a unique 6×4 inch postcard. gift of the artist

[2010.abad.028] Gary A. Bibb (USA)

[2010.abad.028] Vanitas (A Book About Death) – Gary A. Bibb (USA)1 x 3 5/8 x 3 5/8 inches Black cardboard box with black paper strap

[2010.abad.023] Kathleen McHugh (USA)

 [2010.abad023] Kathleen McHugh (USA) Postcard for A Book About Death: Til’ Death Due Us Part at the RNG Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska. Opened July 31,

[2010.abad.022] Kathleen McHugh (USA)

[2010.abad.022] Kathleen McHugh (USA)Postcard for A Book About Death: Sal Art Gallery, Long Island University Oct 31-Nov. 4, 2010

[124] Helen Amyes – Australia

[124] Artspeak Bingo – Helen Amyes – Australia Home made Bingo Cards with instructions to mark off the words on the bingo card when you

[[2010.abad.017] Matthew Rose France

 [[2010.abad.017] A Book About Death – Matthew Rose – FranceMixed media on card board

[014] Christopher Westlund

Christopher sent a card with an original drawing on the back. portrait of Christopher Westlund by Cecil Touchon from the opening of A Book About

[010] M – France

[010] A Book About Death (book) M – France hand made unique book that contains 40+ pages with collage elements and selected letters out of

[123] BreAndrea Rudolph USA

[123] Shadow Joker – BreAndrea Rudolph – USA collage on paper A joker who lives in the shadows and creates magic.

[120] Julie Jeffries – USA

[120] Julie Jeffries – USA Large painted canvas game board with game pieces (found objects) and home made game cards

[118] Amber Morgan USA

[118] Just a Game? – Amber Morgan – USA Mixed media assemblage using found objects, twine, poker chop, playing cards Note: with this minimalist assemblage

[116] Niki Murphy USA

[116] Tick Tack Toe – Niki Murphy USA a part of a tree limb cut with one flat side with twigs made into a game

[115] James Bowen – USA

[115] The Key to the Lock is in the Box – James Bowen – USA 12x12x8 inches – Material: Keys, Glue, Wood Description: This is

[114] Jane Humber USA

[114] Puzzle – Jane Humber – USA broken glass from a blue glass mug in a plastic box with a photo of the unbroken cup.

[113] Carol Gibson – USA

[113] Game Mask – Carol Gibson – USA paper mache, acrylic paint, paper playing cards, glitter, glue, glass, medium and varnish

[111] Kris Moore USA

[111] Kris Moore USA Black box with paper hand towel with the words ‘read first’

[109] Costis – Greece [109] Poetic Virus Master Game – Costis – Greece

[108] Peter Whittenberger – USA [108] The Alone Time Games – Peter Whittenberger – USA Video – click on link to watch

[107] Keiichi Nakamura – Tokyo, Japan

[107] Fluxus Performance Dice – Keiichi Nakamura – Tokyo, JapanPiece of printed paper with instructions to make dice out of the three crosses followed by

[106] Michael Arata – USA

[106] Soul/Fart – Michael Arata – USA“Prop, Soul/Fart” Hand HeldSoul for those who do not have one.Fart for those who do not.Mixed media 2010 7×1.5×1.5

[105] Alan Schwartz – USA

[105] Level Down – Alan Schwartz – USAcolored text on paper mounted on mat board

[103] Alexia L. Gordon, MD (USA)

[103] Puzzle Cubes – Alexia L. Gordon, MD (USA)Box with altered Rubiks CubesInside lids says: Take a chance or play it safe, your choice.The all-black

[2010.099] Jennifer Barnett (USA)

[2010.099] Jennifer Barnett (USA)Title: The No-Calorie CakeDescription: This cake was meant as a practical joke. The idea is to set up a birthday party for

[098] Eliz (Elizabeth Beckmann) (USA)

[2010.flux4.098] Twenty-Six New York Bathrooms – Eliz (Elizabeth Beckmann) (USA)small plastic cases containing smaller plastic boxes, photographs.Donated by the artist, received by mail 2010. Artist

[095] Kathleen McHugh USA

[095] From Autopsies to Art – Kathleen McHugh USABox assemblage with found objects, poetry, phtographs

[093] Mary Bogdan Canada

[093] Games We Play  – Mary Bogdan – Canada 2010 – mixed media assemblage with found objects, 9”x9”x1” approx (not including hanging cords). Description: One

[092] Mark Bloch USA

[092] Secrets of the Ancient 20th Century Gamers – Mark Bloch – USA Plastic bag, patch, die with the number One and printed matter Ten

[090] Luc Fierens Belgium

[090] Fluxus Entertainment – Luc Fierens – Begium2010 – Assemblage

[087] Manuel Olivares Italy

[087] GAME: “Three Paintings Play at Being Photos” Manuel Olivares   ItalyPainting on three attached canvases

[086] Valerie MacEwan – USA

[086] Rule Book: I Want It Game – Valerie MacEwan – USAmaterials: cloth case with hand made book composed of pages from an Ikea catalog

[082] Tara Verheide – USA

[082]Cheap Thrills – Tara Verheide – USAmaterials: box with lath and string with safely pins holding beads with letters that spell Flux Boxinside a mirror,

[080] liketelevisionsnow – USA

[080] Zen and Then – Zentient Beings Inc. – from: liketelevisionsnow – USA printed matter, zippered plastic bag, instructions

[077] Sandra Valdujo Brazil

[077] Chaplet of Our Lady of Kiss – Sandra Valdujo – Brazil2010 15x15x15cm Prayer and meditation can be a form of entertainment, a game to occupy

[074] Reed Wood USA

[074] Haven’t-Garde Art – Reed Wood (USA)A postcard and a cloth patch

[072] Reid Altemus USA

[072] Disposable Knife Interlude – Reid Altemus USAPlastic Knife with instructions for how to play it like a musical instrument.

[069] Parys St Martin USA

[069] Create with Shapes – Parys St Martin USATin, wooden shapes, blue mat boardLeave it to chance – grab a handful of shapes and throw

[068] Pal Csaba – Hungary

[068] Joker – Pal Csaba  – Budapest, Hungary 2010 hand painted joker playing card glued atop 10 other cards 2.25 x 3.5 x .4 inches

[066] NeRRaDa – Australia

[066]Art Strife Kit – NeRRaDa – AustraliaArt Strife Kitplastic soldiers, chinese take-out box with labels, stickers, event cards

[064] Michelle N. Ary – USA

[064] Fluxus Game Mask – Michelle N. Ary – USA×10 inches – materials: chopsticks, black metal wire, silver metal wire, glass and silver beads, chain,

[062] Matthew Rose France

[062](Thank You Very Much) Matthew Rose Francewooden box with photograph and pills

[063] Maureen Bachaus USA

[063] The Family Secret – Maureen Bachaus – USA 12x10x6 cm, wood, fabric, glass, photographThe Family Secret contains a story. The artwork is a puzzle

[060] Jorge Artajo – Spain

TRANSFIGURATION GAME- TRANFORMER #2: YOU AND I – Jorge Artajo – Spainas Family Dressing. (For Rose Alone)

[058] Jorge Artajo Spain

[058] TRANSFIGURATION GAME – TRANSFORMER #3: YOKO ONO – Jorge Artajo Spainas Wish Tree for Haiti.

[057] Jorge Artajo Spain

TRIPTYCH – THE GAME OF OPENING DOORS TO THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS Description and Instructions: There are 248 different fluids in each and all

[054] Jorge Artajo – Spain

JIGSAW PARCEL – Jorge Artajo – Spain (The following text is included on the surface of the wrapped parcel along with several addresses of friends)

[051] Jorge Artajo – Spain

TRANSFIGURATION GAME – TRANSFORMER #5: GEOFF HENDRICKS as Sky Shaver I want to pass this Sky Brush Shaver from Amador Sola (1920 somewhere in the

[050] Jorge Artajo – Spain

COLOURED CHESS-SET – Jorge Artajo – Spain This is a Piece inspired by Yoko Ono’s “White Chess-Set” The basis is the same, but where Yoko

[047] Jennifer Kosharek USA

[047]Walk a Mile in My Shoes -Jennifer Kosharek – USA Pair of hand painted shoes, peacock feather with wire hook,cloth rose petals with hand writing,

[045] Jeff Berner – USA

[045] Cosmic Inventory Kit #2 Fluxbox Jeff Berner – USAPlastic box with photographs, found objects, vintage papers and misc. items

[043] Javier Bassi Uruguay

El juego del pensamiento errático Javier Bassi – Montevideo, UruguayEmbase plástico, instructivo, corchos de vino con textos impresos24 x 12 x 2 cm.2010

[042] Javier Bassi Uruguay

El Juego de los Dados – (The Game of the Dice) – Javier Bassi – Montevideo, UruguayCaja de metal con textos, dados. (round metal box

[040] Jane Wang – USA

[040] Game for Sore Losers – Jane Wang – USA paper game pieces with instructions 5.5×8.5 inches – paper and ziplock bagsDescription: Game involving 3 sets

[041] Janine Nichols – USA

[041] Trumped – Janine Nichols – USA2010 – 20×20 inches – Altered Game Board – image transfers on discarded game board. A little background: I

[037] Gary Bibb USA

[037] The Emperor’s Scepter is a Predacious Amusement – Gary Bibb – USA2010 – enhanced found object

[036] Frederick Epistola Philippines

[036] Sin Checkers – Frederick Epistola – Philippines10x10cmMaterials: photographic paper, black plastic box, and plastic white bullet shaped pieces

[032] Dorthe Grum-Schwensen Denmark

[032] Angel Air Game – Dorthe Grum-Schwensen – Denmark14×26 inches – assemblage of thick paper, various paper materials, wood, rubber, cord and cloth

[028] D.S.H. Watson – USA

[028] Game: Screw People; Take Their Money D.S.H. Watson – USA felt lined wooden box with small screw driver, screw, dropper with money inside, Instructions.

[027] Anna Finetti 2010 – Italy

[027] Cupido’s Games di Anna Finetti 2010 – Italywood, stone, paper, ink string, elastic

[025] Coco Gordon USA

[025] Eating Leaves – 2001 – Coco Gordon – AKA Coco Go – AKA SuperSkyWoman – USA

[021] Christine Tarantino USA

21st Century Fluxus Artists Jigsaw Puzzle Book – Christine Tarantino USAunique artist book, 11 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches, inkjet printed, 10 jigsawed portraits with

[019] Christian E. Vetrus – USA

[019] A Fine Smess I’ve Made – Christian E. Vetrus – USA materials: wood, plastic modeling paints, misc. game components, Buck Rogers, All the King’s

[016] Caranovic Predrag – Serbia

  [016] Bullshit  …Unexpected Experience – Caranovic Predrag – Serbiamaterials: wooden box with latch, printed matter, red velvetine fabric, bullshit encased in a half sphere

[013] Beatriz Albuquerque – USA

[013] 3 Paper Scores from the Performance called $$$ (Conflux Festival, 2009, NY) – Beatriz Albuquerque – USAThree sequential generic blank gift certificates with money

[011] Angelo Ricciardi – Italy

[011] The Three Cards (Card Trick) – Angelo Ricciardi – ItalyThe Three Cards refer – with some substantial differences: the three modified cards can spell

[010] Angela Ferarra – Brazil

[010] (6) Five Maries – Angela Ferrara – 2009 – São Paulo, Brazil metal box with five red sachets and instructions. History The Game Five

(008) Andrew Riley Clark (ARC) USA

[008] Six Robots Standing in Front of Trains Can Tell Your Fortune Andrew Riley Clark (ARC)  – USA 2010 Six photographs mounted on cardstock in

[007] Lynn Walsh (USA)

[007] Talk to God Now – Lynn Walsh  (USA) Text on box lid TALK TO GOD – NOW! ™ Tell God what you want. It’s quick.

[006] Allison McElroy – USA

[006] Allison McElroy – USAmaterials: wasp nest, strips of paper from a yellow pages phone bookInstructions: Fill a live wasp nest with rolled up papersweb: