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Fluxus - proto-fluxnexus artists, their networks and their various works that grew out of dadaistic, duchampian and merz tendancies.

Flux -
a word whose definition remains in a state of Flux other than the general meaning of "to flow or flowing". Often used as a prefix to fluxify the root word.

Fluxnexus -
a self generating, self validating, loose association of artists, non artists and anti artists who work independantly and together  in the study, production and lifestyle of a Fluxist.  Are you a part of the fluxnexus? You ought to be. see:

FLUXmUSeum was founded by Cecil Touchon in 2006 with the intention of documenting 21st century fluxus artists. The Fluxmuseum is dedicated to the collection, performance, production, publishing, promotion, exhibition, documentation and safekeeping of works of the FluxNexus and its members. The Fluxmuseum is an inclusive venture inviting any artist who feels a connection to fluxus to participate in museum projects and to contribute works to the collection.

The Fluxmuseum is a wing of a larger project; The Ontological Museum which was started in the late 1990s. When Cecil Touchon joined the Fluxlist there was an immediate recognition of similarity of spirit between Post-Dogmatism and Fluxus which has led to the founding of the Fluxmuseum.


Fluxify - To place something into a new relationship,context, state of change.

Fluxhibition - A exhibition by artists from the FluxNexus

Fluxparty - an informal gathering to have fun with fluxist materials.

Post-dogmatism - art movement started in 1987 in north Texas at UTArlington's Fine Arts Department by painting students that uses megalomaniac techniques to present itself and its members to the public through the construction of elaborate sounding official institutions and bureaucracies. see: