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Contact Cecil Touchon, Director at
or call to Touchon's mobile phone at

The FLUXmUSeum is THE place for 21st century Fluxus art.

Send contributions, artworks or other fluxmuseum business to:

C/O The Ontolgical Museum
4810 West Alameda Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

Fluxus Artists: The Fluxmuseum invites you to contribute a work to the fluxmuseum.

Our Submission policy:
You send it,
we'll accept it, catalog it, photograph it,
add it to the fluxmuseum website,
and exhibit it when occasion arises.
We don't return anything unless it gets damaged and we ask you to repair it.

  1. no food that can rot (we recently got a smashed and stinky hard boiled egg in the mail from Macedonia),
  2. keep it smallish.
  3. be sure to send all of your contact information including email and a webpage to link to.
  4. please send a filled out copy of our Deed of Gift form.

Any contributions make you our special friend and we thank you for your generosity!