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A Book About Death -  It started and NYC and has been spreading ever since. On view will be the complete set and additional works

Lanny Quarles: Art of the 21st Century -  Quarles' first one person show covering work from the last ten years.

Roman Holiday - The Collage Art of Nerina
Cocchi Zecchini. A small selection of introductory works from the newly acquired estate of this Italian artist.

Current Exhibition

FLUXface in Space!
120+ artists from 25 countries

Gary A. Bibb in collaboration with Cecil Touchon have conceived an exciting new exhibition project for the Fluxmuseum. Using the Face In Space Program from NASA - we have organized a "Fluxface in Space" exhibition to be launched into orbit on the last two Space Shuttles! These final missions will include a rendezvous with the International Space Station.
The call was put out in June 2010 with the deadline for participation as August 1, 2010 see the blog and online catalog at the links below...

Catalog now available: Full Color Paperback, 130 pages - Support the museum buy now!

Fluxhibition #3 -
THINKING INSIDE OF THE BOX - Fluxus Boxes, Cases, Kits and Containers from the Permanent Collection.

July 2009 Exhibtion at the University of Texas, Arlington Including: Andrew Riley Clark (ARC), Roberto Munguia, Christine Tarantino, Keith Buchholz (Fluxus Saint Louis), Willian Picasso Gaglioni, Torma Cauli Laszlo, Christine Blackwell, Nazimova Boheme, Scott Ray Randall, Allan Bukoff (Fluxus Midwest), Gregory Steel, Ken Friedman, Stewart Home, Bernd Reichert, Janet Jones, Ellen Filreis, Costis, Ed Blackburn, Kate Robinson, Stephanie Forsyth, Cecil Touchon (Fluxus Laboratories), Lisa Caroll, Kelly Gorman, Josh Ronson, Jorge Artajo, Gary Bibb, Nico Vassilakis, Allan Revich, Elizabeth K. Bogard, Bibiana Maltos Padilla, Dilar Pereira, John M. Bennett, Rebecca Cunningham, Peter Swann, Marianne Lettieri, Reid Wood, Jamie Newton, Lis Gundlach Sell, Sam Tan, Matthew Rose, Evelyn Eller, Luc Fierens, Neil Horsky, Judith Stadler, Larry Miller, Norman Sherfield, Liz Yates, Caroline Waite, Michelle N. Ary, Erica James, Clint Chadsey, Nancy Keeling, Robert Tucker, Benoit Piret (Ben Tripe), Cordula Kagemann, Rick D. Adkins, Litsa Spathi, Nicholas Wood, Don E. Boyd, Antonio Sassu & Gruppo Sinestetico, Angelo Ricciardi, Antonio Picardi, Rachel Lawrence(Fluxmass), Angela Mcquire(Fluxmass), Pronoblem(Fluxmass), Alexandra Holownia, Tulio Restrepo, Linda Renz, Wade Towers, Natascha Mattmuller, David Dellafiora, Reed Altemus, Guido Vermeulen, Snappy, Denis Chamot, Buz Blurr, Angela Behrendt, Matthew Lee Knowles, Roland Halbritter, Valentina Calendrina, Yoko Ono, Dewi, Boog, Kelly Courtney, Tim Devin, Lancilloto Bellini, Carla Cryptic, Alan Bowman, Ex Post Facto, David Baptiste Chirot, Carol Starr, Maurizio Fillin, Bruno Chiarlone, Lex Loeb, Madawg,  Mikeal And, Clark Whittington, Peter Dowker, Pierpaolo Limongelli, Mailarra, Ed Schenk, Christine Chaponniere, Ann Klefstad, Ann Seltzer, William R. Howe.

postcard and catalog cover
Fluxhibition #2 - New and Improved Fluxus:Classic and Contemporary Scores, Instructions and Artifacts by Fluxus Artists

Fluxhibition #2 online exhibit

October 2008 Exhibition at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Works by Angelo Ricciardi, Antonio Picardi, Jamie Newton, Allan Revich, Lorraine Kwan, Gregory Steel, Walter Cianciusi, Yoko Ono, Luc Fierens, Jim Leftwich, Jeff Hogue, Rebecca Cunningham, Don Boyd, Neil Horsky, Larry Miller, Fluxdada, Karl Heinz Jeron, Marco Geovenale, Patrick Anderson-McQuoid and Tomas Schmit, George Brecht, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Carol Starr, Cecil Touchon, Keith Buchholz, John M. Bennett, Reid Wood, Reed Altemus, Sheila Murphy,

Free hi-res downloads of promotional artwork for printing and posting to your networks, on the walls of your city, etc.


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Printed Soft Cover: 115 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, white interior paper (80# weight), full-color interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink

Fluxhibition #1 on exhibit in Prescott AZ Oct 2006

Fluxhibition #1 - Fluxparty in a Box (1) - small contributed items shipped around for exhibition.
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