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Natural Born Fluxus - Childhood Event Scores by Fluxus Artists

Natural Born Fluxus is that tendency among artists to engage in Fluxus-like behaviors even if they never heard of Fluxus. Or possibly we could say that Fluxus ideas come out of a naturally occurring tendency in all artists that we now think of as Fluxus. It could be that the free wheeling nature of Fluxus allows artists to enjoy their creative, or at least peculiar, tendencies in an unfettered way that other forms of organized artistic activities do not. Includes: Peter Frank, Cecil Touchon, John M. Bennett, Ruud Janssen , Don Boyd, Keith Buchholz, Adam Overton, Sheila E. Murphy, Madawg, Litsa Spathi, Gregory Steel, Mark Block, Christine Tarantino, Allan Revich, Lorraine Kwan, Matthew Rose, Reid Wood, Luc Fierens, Brad Brace, Mary Campbell, Zachary Scott Lawrence, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Eric KM Clark, Brian R. Nickerson, Walter Cianciusi, Neil Horsky, Roger Stevens, Matt Taggart, Anya E.V. Liftig, Yves Maraux, Roland Halbritter
Hardcover Print: $34.95

The Spam Poetry Game - An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry

The spam poetry game - now the popular book - was A series of game projects designed by Cecil Touchon to see what poets would do with some of the spam texts found in everyday spam mail and a 48 hour time limit. The games was played on three occasions. One in 2005, Two in 2007 and Three in 2008. Poets include: Carlos M. Luis, Alan Bowman, Schneider/Hill, Hoogan Foogan, Suse, Ray Norman, Camille Martin, Dan Waber, L.J. Zimerman, Nick Piombino, Madawg, Pedro López, Larissa Shmailo, Geof Huth, David Hickman, Bob Marcacci, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Jim Piat, Jill Jones, Russ Golata, Robin Reagler, Martha Deed, Bob Rizzo, Roger Stevens, Cathy Horner, Allan Revich, Lanny Quarles, Tricia Barr, Catherine Daly, K.S. Ernst, Mimi Shapiro, Andrew Riley Clark, Kathy Burkett, Douglas Burkett, Douglas Penn, Cecil Touchon, Reed Altemus, Keith Buchholz, Patricia Carragon, Dan Holmes, Donald E. Boyd, Rebecca Cunningham.
Hardcover Print: $37.51

New and Improved Fluxus: Fluxhibition #2 Classic and Contemporary Scores, Instructions and Artifacts by Fluxus Artists

Catalog for the October 2008 Exhibition at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Works by Angelo Ricciardi, Antonio Picardi, Jamie Newton, Allan Revich, Lorraine Kwan, Gregory Steel, Walter Cianciusi, Yoko Ono, Luc Fierens, Jim Leftwich, Ken Friedman, Jeff Hogue, Rebecca Cunningham, Don Boyd, Neil Horsky, Larry Miller, Fluxdada, Karl Heinz Jeron, Marco Geovenale, Patrick Anderson-McQuoid and Tomas Schmit, George Brecht, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Carol Starr, Cecil Touchon, Keith Buchholz, John M. Bennett, Reid Wood, Reed Altemus, Sheila Murphy,
Print: $47.50

Fluxus Event Scores

This work covers 30 years of fluxus works by Cecil Touchon
Print: $17.95

The Neoist Manifesto - Documents of Neoism - The Neoist Society

The Neoist Society presents this important document of Neoism for a world hungry for a new revolutionary message. This unusual - trans lingual - edition is an abstract manifesto that allows the user to interpret it in any way that he can. Literally any Neoist from any place or any time can understand it's purely visual message.
Print: $24.96

White on White - Selections from the Permanent Collection of the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction

White works of art have been a constant theme in modern art history since the early 20th century. White on White is an exhibition of works that explores white and include mixed media, paintings, photographs, constructions, assemblages, collages, photo montages, weavings, poems, Massurrealist and Fluxus works. Artists from Russia, Germany, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Panama and Portugal are represented in the exhibition.
Print: $43.00

The Art of Collage - Selected Works on Paper by Cecil Touchon

This book contains several artist statements and 135 color plates of collages by Cecil Touchon from 2004-2009.
Hardcover Print: $65.00

The Cut and Paste Poets - An Anthology of Collage Poetry

The present volume is a chronological compilation of poetry submitted to an email listserv dedicated to collage poetry. Some additional notes by the authors are also included if they helped to illustrate the intention, construction techniques or source material used in a particular poem’s creation. The email group was started as an online studio space where poets and artists explore the methods of collage construction as it applies to poetic texts. This group of collagists have become known as the Cut and Paste Poets because of their methods of poetic construction. A wide range of processes and techniques are represented in this volume illustrating the breadth of possibilities involved in the use of found materials. Each poet exhibits a definite and refined working style that encompasses a wide ranging set of search and gathering methods to compile the raw materials for the poems and a recognizable formal production of the works.
Hardcover Print: $49.94